Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back From Paris Early

Well I did not have the best trip. I came back earlier this week as I got sick soon after arriving. I saw little, but in what I did there are observations and things to buy, so here goes.

I did get to meet Claude Marchal, founder of Parfums MDCI. He and I had emailed earlier in the year and he seemed a delightful man, and he was. Super sweet, as was his wife. He was thrilled to present his line in person to us, and he remembered my blog. He hoped the fragrances lived up in person to the pictures and they more than did. The bottles are beautiful.

The much lauded perfume shop on Rue Castiglione -Catherine is a bust. It is small, with a basic selection mostly. Nothing out of the ordinary and only slightly lower prices. They also use a hard sell. No one who went in was impressed or purchased.

The duty free shops at Charles De Gaulle airport are equally a bust. Heathrow has a mall, Charles DG has closets. Again not a great selection and no great savings. The duty free only makeup compacts are very nice as is the Emerald Dream fragrance by Estee Lauder.

If you want to really look Parisienne, get a Longchamp bag. Almost everyone was carrying a Le Pliage bag. I almost caved on one at the airport. They are very well priced ( 66 Euros, which is about 85.00) but I decided I wasn't that into it. I would prefer longer handles.

Such as it, thats my Paris report.

I will have lots of reviews coming up.

photos: the beauty alchemist

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