Sunday, July 1, 2007

Etro Dianthus Bath and Body

The new issue of Elle shows the shower gel and body milk coming out for Etro's newest fragrance Dianthus. I have not yet smelled this and have not loved but liked the few Etro I have tried, but these are so pretty , so not your run of the mill shower gels,and just need to be sat out in the bathroom. They also come in other scents.

Bergdorf Goodman carries Etro, but Dianthus is not yet listed on the website.
Here are the others:
(The body milks retail for 48.00 for 8.5 oz)
Stimulating and toning foaming body milks for the bath, each scented with your choice from this complex, creative fragrance line.•

Ambra: A warm, pleasure-evoking scent that blends notes like bergamot, lemon, patchouli, and vanilla.•

Etra Etro: An ethereal yet sensual fragrance with top notes of fresh flowers, middle notes of floral-woody spices, and base notes of vanilla and musk.•

Heliotrope: A tender and romantic fragrance made from white flowers. Fresh almondy-flowery top notes, rose and ylang-ylang middle notes, and base notes of tonka bean and vanilla.•

Palais Jamais: Citrusy, pungent, and dry tones reminiscent of green tea and mint. Citrusy-floral top notes, middle notes of leather-tobacco, and woody base notes.•

Patchouli: A persistent fragrance both dry and balsamic. Fresh-flowery top notes of bergamot and orange, flowery-woody middle notes of geranium and rose, and woody-vanilla base notes.•

Vicolo Fiori: A delicate, feminine tribute to the first Etro shop in Milan. Mandarin-flowery top notes, fruity-flowery middle notes of wild rose and water lily, and woody-ambered base notes.
Each, 8.25 ounces in an engraved bottle with pump.

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