Monday, December 10, 2007

L'Oreal Professionnel Texture Expert

Always on the lookout for new texturizing and working hair products, I wanted to try out the new line in hair salons from L'Oreal Professionnel, called Texture Expert. Made to achieve great styling for all hair types, there are products tailored to fine/limp, medium /thick ,and coarse /rebellious.

( Recine and models)

For some reason I picked out some products for coarse/rebellious hair, thinking it would be good for keeping my hair in a certain style, but really I needed medium/thick. The Coarse ones have a bit more moisture than I normally look for and are perfect for very wiry, dry and frizzy hair. That said I was still able to use the products and and actually quite liked them. Obviously there can be crossover with types.

I had just had my hair colored as well, so a bit more moisture is good. The first one I used was the Gelee Riche. A gel that is anti frizz and helps with either a smooth style or a disheveled one, adding moisture and flexible style. I used it on damp hair before drying in place of my leave in conditioner and instead of my usual Sebastian gel. I want something that gives great hold and style as I rarely do a lot of over styling to my hair . I was happy that my hair styled easily and looked great, and there was no over moisturized feeling. I even felt that I needed my leave in conditioner, and then to use this as a styling agent. I did that next time, and my hair came out great. The Gelee Riche gives hair great workable style , and will stay in the rotation.

Next up, for maintaining some style, and tweaking my hair when needed was the Lumi Controle polish. This is slightly shimmery cream that is adds a good bit of moisture to hair, and aides in piecy styling or smoothing hair down. This one is from the medium/thick line.

It did a good job on making the pieces of hair I wanted to define stand out, and it held pretty well. It's more moisture than I need most days, but I like it all the same. It also has a great coconut smell.

I also am using the Fluid Intense Smoothing serum for the pieces that stick up and need smoothed down. I can see this working well for those who need smoothing and straightening in a big way. This has a good bit of moisture in it.

Heres a comment from uber hairstylist Recine who worked with L'oreal on the new line, and some photos of the October 29th launch party with models styled by him.

“L’Oréal Professionnel’s new Texture Expert line arrives at a time when hairstylists need more transforming products thanever. I’ve been using Texture Expert Smooth Velours to give hair a silky, smooth and healthy look. Sometimes I’ll use a lot of the product to give this incredible wet look that stays wet looking without drying up on photo shoots. I also love using Expansion, a mousse that gives fine hair strength and vitality that really impresses clients. All L’Oréal Professionnel Texture Expert products have amazing transforming qualities."

You can find these products at a L'oreal salon and for salon locations and info:

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GablesGirl said...

Awesome! Will check them out -- also always looking for great hair prods to plump up my locks. Thanks for the intel on parabens a few posts back. Great gift idea series too.