Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Suspender Stories

How odd is it that 2 magazines featured celebs wearing suspenders on the January issues? I hope this is not some new trend. Equally odd is that Victoria Beckham is more clothed than Keira Knightley, although perhaps not when one considers that she told the magazine that she simply can't keep her clothes on during a shoot.

Personally I don't like the look on either of them . I also like Keira better in lighter hair, but her red lips rock. She says also,that she is in an old Hollywood look phase. Thats a good one to be in. Much better than say, Christina Aquilera's Dirrty Girl one.

So I wonder how Ms. Beckham feels having another magazine cover with almost the same outfit as hers. This strikes me as something that would not go over well in Posh-land.


Anne Corrons said...

Interesting! I never buy American fashion magazines because I get tired of the ads!

the movie mommy said...

I'm with you! Suspenders?!?! Jeez! Last time they were in fashion was when Mork from Ork wore them. I want to know why those suede vests with sweater sleeves are back in AND don't look any better than they did in the 70s/80s. That an long cardigan sweaters with big collars and belts. Gimme a break!