Monday, March 31, 2008

Chanel Summer Lip Swatches

Lets start the week with some Chanel. Not many better ways right ?

I have swatches of most of the new lipsticks from the new Summer 2008 collection.

They are quite nice, and come in all the formulations, my favorite being the Aqualumiere. It's been awhile since I took one of those out of the makeup closet, and when I started using the new one, Zanzibar, I thought, why haven't I been using these more? I used to use almost only Chanel lipsticks once upon a time.

Lets face it Chanel is the ne plus ultra of lipsticks . They glide on, moisturize (in the Aqualumiere at least and nicely too,) last super long, and give you that little click to shut them with that double C logo.

The new colors pictured are from left to right: Naive( Rouge Allure), Zanzibar( Aqualumiere, and all I've worn that last few days), Mauritius (Aqualumiere), and Curious ( Rouge Allure).

Rose Flamingo and Leopard are not shown but also new.

Nordstrom has these now, look for them soon at your other counters.

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