Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish

Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish was developed by 2 podiatrists who wanted better, non toxic nail polishes when one of their wive's became pregnant. They thought there must be a better way and went and had their own made. Free of the Big 3 toxins as well as having tea tree oil and garlic bulb extract as antifungals, and vitamins C & E.

I am all for anything more natural and so off I went to try one out. After all, what we really want to know is how well does it perform?

I am using the color Pink Purity. It is sheer, pale pink. What struck me most about Dr.'s Remedy polish was how shiny it was without a top coat. I am a shine freak, and never think a polish doesn't need topcoat. In the interest of seeing how well the color would hold up and in saving a step, I left off the top coat when I did my nails. I was very happy with the shine, which thru 3 days has stayed. The polish has held up well. No nicks, tip wear etc. I can't say I get that with other polishes minus top coat.
I wish but I am hard on my nails.
The polish is also very quick drying.
The picture of my nails is from day 2. Today ( day 3 ) I decided to put on a top coat. I think the nails were ready.

Dr.'s Remedy nail polishes are 15.00 each and come in 5 basic shades incl. clear.

They are available at the website http://www.remedynails.com/

(ed. note- when I removed this polish, my nails actually seemed whiter. It does have ingredients that are said to help discolored yellow nails, and it seems to work. )

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Unknown said...

I tryed Dr,'s Remedy Nail Polish and I have to say that I'm very disipointed. The nail polish chips and to pay all this money I would reather buy Deep Cover System(onother brand) or stick to organic polish that you can find for under 8 dollars.I'm upset because I bought 3 colors. On top of everything else you have to put 2 coats and drying time takes about 40 minuts-who has time for that?
Sorry Dr.'Remedy Nail Polish but this product needs big improvement.