Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clinique Long Last Summer 2008 Makeup and Self Tan

For summer Clinique has come up with some long lasting makeup products to help get thru the longer, hotter days and nights.
Anytime an eyeshadow hits the market that is supposed to be really lasting, i am ready to try it. Clinique's new one is said to transfer resistant, and water proof due to a special belnd of water and silicone. There are no waxes or oils. Good.
My oily lids vaporize many a shadow and my mom has even worse wear with many. I am happy to report that this new one does the job pretty well. I used it with no base to get the real feel for it, and it lasted all into the evening. The color lightened a little and no it fif not look just applied, but it also was clearly still there and not really needing a touch up.

The new Long Last glosswear also wears rather well. I didn't have this on all day( lunch got in the way) but you can feel that it sticks to your lips well, and after several hours, the pigment was less but some color remained as did the shine. This is a super moisturizing formula with SPF 15.

The other key product here is the new Touch of Bronze Moisturizing Body Lotion. This is super moisturizing and in one application gives you a good glow. It's not too much but not so light that you can't tell. You get a nice light tan look and can apply again for more deeper color. This has virtually no self tanner "stink " at all. It's very creamy and dries pretty fast. The super creaminess means you do need a good bit of lotion but it works well.

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Lily said...

I love their cream shadow, it's amazing on!

Lily x