Friday, April 18, 2008

Fragrance Mess

I am not up to writing any kind of other post at the moment. I am beside myself, and thought, what the heck, why not share .

I came into the room last night to find that somehow my most treasured perfume, the only extrait I own as well as an extremely hard to find and most expensive parfum had been knocked to floor and completely emptied out. My Guerlain Nuit D ' Amour. This was certainly not everyone's cup of tea but it was as I said, my most loved scent. My number 1. I waited for a long time to find a bottle, and at a price I could afford no less, and last summer I got one. They only made something like 100 of the parfums. I never thought I would snag one,and was overjoyed. Now it is gone into the carpet. all but the tiniest drop. 1 full ounce of parfum gone.

I can't explain my distress when I saw the stopper lying on the floor and realized what that meant.

It may seem silly to many to be this upset over perfume, and in the grand scheme it is. But for now, I am truly heartbroken. It will pass.

So, what are your own beauty tales of woe?? Please Share .

and if you know of any Nuit D'Amour for sale or swap, please let me know.

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kanashimi blue said...

A similar woe befell me too recently. I returned home to find my MAC barbie beauty powder (another LE) compact smashed to pieces on my bedroom floor. Peach powder scattered everywhere