Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Doctor's Advice for Rosacea/Inflammation

Awhile back, dear friend The Movie Mommy
emailed and asked some advice for anti aging products that would work on her very sensitive, redness & rosacea prone skin. That was not an area I was too familar with but was able to provide some starting points.

Last week, Lancome sponsored an event at their Short Hills , NJ and NY stores featuring Dr. Jana Kauer,( pictured) author and celebrity nutritionist. I was offered the chance to ask her a question, even though I was unable to attend. I decided to use my question to help my friend. I also got a response from Dr. Tina Alster, Lancome's resident dermatoligist.

The Movie Mommy is certainly not the only one struggling with this issue , so maybe the doctor's advice will be a help to some of you. The infammation advice can also be of help to anyone who has acne, and joint pain as they are inflammation also.

From Dr. Klauer:
"Too much sugar causes inflammation, so avoid soda, candy, cookies, etc. Inadequate sleep causes cortisol (a stress hormone associated with inflammation) to rise. So if you are staying up all night and dragging yourself through the day with sugary snacks, you are encouraging an inflammatory state.
When it comes to anti-inflammatory foods, you cannot do better than wild Alaskan salmon. It is a low mercury fish with high amounts of omega-3 fat. Within our bodies, require a balance between omega-6 fats which allow us to mount the inflammatory response and omega-3 fats which fight inflammation. Too much of either is a bad thing. Other anti-inflammatory foods: Green tea, organic green vegetables, berries, Brazil nuts. Why Brazil nuts? They contain high amounts of selenium which helps the immune system. "

From Dr. Alster:
"Start with a gentle cream cleanser (such as Confort Galatee) so as not to overdry the skin.
Avoid harsh ingredients such as retinoic acid or glycolic acid (they only serve to irritate sensitive skin).
Begin use of an antioxidant serum or cream (Vitamin C).
Protect skin from the sun (apply mild sunscreen). "

photo of Dr. Klauer courtesy of lancome

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the movie mommy said...

Thanks! Eating right and taking care of yourself is certainly a way to heal many ills. I wasn't aware of how much it effected my skin! Thanks for asking the questions for me!