Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gillette Venus Embrace- New

The new Venus Embrace razor is the first with 5 blades. It promises ultra smooth skin and it delivers.

I had forgotten how wonderful these more upscale razors could be. Lately I have been mostly using lesser expensive disposables which did the job but not like this. Going from them to this was wonderful. Less stubble, stinging etc. Is it wrong to get excited over a new razor? Is that a sign of the recession- it's the little things? I think it's just the beauty nut in me, even though the little things are great too.

Venus Embrace has thick bands of moisture that treat your legs while you shave and it is refillable. The main kit also has a shower "pod" as they call it, to hang your razor handily in the shower. It's very worth the money and great for your legs too.

The starter kit with pod, and 2 refills sells for approx. $12.00 depending on outlet.

See more including videos at http://www.gillettevenus.com/

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