Friday, March 27, 2009

Rouge G de Guerlain

New info on the new Rouge G de Guerlain luxe lipstick. It is now showing for sale online at Bergdorfs and Neimans.

It looks pretty amazing. Guerlain's current Kiss Kiss one are among the best , and this ups the ante. The case was designed by jeweler Lorenz Baumer.It opens to reveal a mirror on one side and then a compartment where the lipstick is . They say the magnetic case even has that sound of an antique powder compact being opened and closed.

The lipstick itself has a lot going on. There is hyaluronic acid for moisture, gugal resin for line filling, wild mango butter for hydration,Vitamin A and tiger grass for plumping, ruby mono- crystals ground into powder for extra radiance, and concentrated pigments combined with mother of pearl liquid which form an opaque film to reflect light.

There are 25 shades , 10 basic ones and 15 bolder ones.

There is even one called Guerlainade after the scent"signature" of the Guerlain Fragrance House. It's a neutral , and I will check it out soon.

Nadia is wearing No. 65 Grenade in the photo.

Retail is $45.00, which is a splurge, but a new and great lipstick like this might just be worth it.

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