Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CVS Essence of Beauty

One of the great things about going to Fashion Week or any other beauty/fashion event is that sometimes you get introduced to products that you've either not yet heard of, or not yet tried but should have. CVS Essence of Beauty line falls into the should have category.

Who knew they had such great tools and fab smelling bath and body products? Clearly not me. I do own the Kabuki brush and posted on it 2 years ago, but thats it.

They hosted a ReInventing Beauty Lounge and so I got to see and try some of the line . I got a sample of their Hand Cream and like many of my fellow bloggers had the same reaction- we were all raving about this heretofore unknown to us product.

I have the Jasmine Ginger scent one. The hand cream is thick but dries really fast, the fastest I've ever tried. It soothes and softens with shea butter and aloe and has a nice slightly floral / citrus scent. Holds up well under hand washing too. Reminds me a bit of lemon iced tea. The Citrus Coconut scent is great too.

I then hit my local CVS to do more recon. I've always thought CVS was a great drugstore. I mean they have carpet. Carpet is good. Nicer. Rite Aid is fine, but it's so industrial .

The Essence of Beauty scented line contains the usual line up of bath/body products along with tools, hand soap etc. I loved this Faux Sea Sponge. Something so simple, yes, but cute.

Now the holiday sets are out and there are some good deals in there. Sets start at $ 4.99.

3.4 oz Hand Cream is $ 5.99

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