Monday, March 22, 2010

Dial NutriSkin Body Wash

Dial has been ramping it up lately. Really, Dial is one of the last brands I would have expected great smelling products from. It's always been just soap. First there was the Cranberry , which amazingly to me rivaled many other bath lines for great scent. I actually wanted something Dial, who knew ?

Now there are two new moisturizing shower gels called NutriSkin. These new gels have fruit oil moisture micro- beads in there, so you get a gel but moisture too. I have the Cherry Seed Oil & Mint . It doesn't quite beat the Cranberry for smell but it is nice. The scent is lightly cherry but since it's based on the seed oil, it's not strong, medicinal or candy cherry. The mint is barely there.

The gel lathers nicely and moisturizes like crazy but is not heavy. Great for this time of year and the pink bottle gives it girly flair for the bath.

The other scent is Grapeseed Oil & Lemongrass which sounds rather nice too.
Retail is $ 3.99 for 16 oz at your nearest drugstore.

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