Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eve Pearl Kisses Of Pearl Duo Lipgloss

Eve Pearl is a well respected makeup artist and has 5 Emmys to her name . She has been the key makeup artist for the View and personal makeup artist to Meredith Viera. Well known in artist circles with a huge pro line and a studio/boutique in NYC but not as mainstream, I had seen but never tried any of her line before getting a gloss duo at The Makeup Show.

Out of the box I was impressed with color and the pigment. I like that the gloss has "grip". meaning it really sticks and has hold on the lips. It's also very shimmery, moisturizing and lasts long for a gloss. There is also great pigment. These are not sheer. The texture is not gritty or sticky and feels good on.

I'm not crazy about the flavor, it says it's mint, but to me it's an herbal mint. Not that bad but not great either. Depends on what you like.

Overall this is defintely a good gloss, and better than many that I've tried in hold and pigment.

My duo is called Moonlight Kiss and Stardust. There are 3 other color combos and all are at http://www.evepearl.com/ for $ 22.00

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