Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Little Book of Perfumes by Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez

The  husband and wife duo behind Perfumes : The Guide  have a new , smaller release called The Little Book of Perfumes.

This new book takes a look at what the authors feel are are the best 96  perfumes .  It also includes a rare look at four scents no longer available  and now only at the Osmotheque  museum in Paris.

The book is a slim, narrow volume making it a fun gift idea for the perfume lover. It's not always easy to know what fragrance to buy someone, but a book on perfume? That's a great idea. If you really love perfume, you love to read about it. Seriously, I need a book club for perfume books.  Now that would be interesting.

 Scents are discussed by Turin and Sanchez in their original form and if they've been re-formulated  or updated then that information is included also.

Favorites of  mine  included - Fracas, Parfums MDCI Promesse de l'Aube and oldie but goodie Calyx.

The Little Book of Perfumes ( Viking , $ 18.00) will be on  sale beginning October 31st .


unique gifts nc said...

Love that book! How can I get copies so I can sell them in the shop.
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eula_w said...

Hi Where I can find to buy this book of perfumes? Thanks.

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Beauty Alchemist said...

Amazon and Barnes and Noble have it.