Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grandoe Smart Dogs Uplift Summer Flip Flops/Slippers

Grandoe calls these new Uplift from Smart Dogs slippers but I prefer flip flops. 

These go outside with a durable bottom, one that is made to to abosrb shock as you walk,  so they are more than a  basic slipper.  They do have a high comfort factor though. The sole is pretty flat but cushioned and has that little gel pad  at the heel for extra comfort.

They also have a mesh footbed that's antibacterial and  keeps air around your feet  for cooling.

I have been wearing mine constantly . They've been comfy for every day wear around the house and outside.  They are cute if not the most fashionable, but I like the padding that keeps my feet  feeling good. And I love the black / pink blend.  They run true to size and the straps will stretch a little but not too much.

Uplift comes in 4 colorways  in neon/ neoprene , sizes 6-10 and are $ 45 at . Thru July 31st  use code SUMMER12 and get 15 % off.

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