Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Caboodles Holiday Gifts

These adorable little Caboodles trunks  are such a perfect gift for any  kids, tweens , and teens you need to shop for. 

They are  small but will hold a lot,  definitely have personality and sparkle and are both just $10.   

 Even better if buying as a gift ? Fill them with goodies.  Put a bow on it and gift away.  

Makeup Maven is  clear w/holographic stars & bonus bag inside –

Treasure Collector - pink or purple glitter –  6”x5.75”x4.75” deep.
open inside.

Both are exclusive to Wal Mart and available now. 


Mal said...

Caboodles! I had one of these years and years ago. I didn't know they were still around

Mal @ The Chic Geek

Beauty Alchemist said...

Not only are they still around but the original one , the big one, is available too. I think online at Caboodles . Ready for the next generation .