Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jane Cosmetics- It's Back

Do you remember Jane Cosmetics? If  you were a makeup wearer in the late 90s you most likely do, if not, well here's an introduction.

Jane was a fun, very well priced brand found at mass market a few years, umm, decade or more back.  Was it really that long ago? Apparently so. Ye Gods. I well remember  browsing and buying Jane at Wal Mart ( it was the only local store that had it) back  then.

Well Jane is back. With a nicely edited line of makeup , still very well priced, that is currently online only but due to hit Ulta in March.

Tinted Moisturizer ( 9.99)- This is a pretty typical TM. It's not heavy , a little on the thinner side but not too thin.  It has nice coverage , more than you might expect , sheer but there, and  moisturizes well  . I do wish it had SPF but other than that I like it . Shade is Light which works well on my fairly pale skin and is lighter than it shows. There are  4 shades.

Pink Lip Collection (9.99)-  These surprised me with the depth of their pigment. No barely there glosses here . Each of 3 is a slightly different formula. A Sheer gloss, A Shimmer gloss , and a Color Gloss  with a vanilla scent. These are showing up a bit red  than they are actually are. They are truly pink. There is also a Red and Berry Collection.

Brilliant Cheek Collection ( 9.99)- This set has one cream blush, one bronzer and one highlighter. All have good pigment . The blush and highlighter blend easily, the bronzer less so.  The bronzer also is a bit too brown for most I think, but otherwise these are  nice and an easy option to carry in your purse for touch ups.

Makeup Palette ( 9.99)- An all in one with 3 shadows and a blush. All colors go on pretty much exactly as they show in the pan, blend well, are soft shimmer and have good pigment. The blush is semi- sheer  without shimmer. This color is Natural Palette. There 10 in all.  For 9.99,  a good deal.

 There are other items as well  and you can see them all at www.JaneCosmetics.com

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