Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lulu Avenue Jewelry

 It's hard to not like beautiful jewelry and Lulu Avenue is no exception. The brand , new to me, is  a shop by consultant/home party line but is also available to shop online . (  I am not a consultant, btw, just a jewelry fan girl).

I've been wearing a few pieces all last weekend and into the week. Everything has  great quality as well as looking good. I love that there are nice touches like toggle clasps and stones on the underside of some pieces or at the clasp area.

Lulu Ave's logo is a love knot inspired by Chinese and Celtic symbols  and it  shows up on a lot of pieces as well like the Madrid Leather Cuff Bracelet ($49).  The Madrid piece also has quite a unique clasp. You have to squeeze the button on the side and slide in the pin . It isn't the easiest to use , but once on looks unique and is highly unlikely to ever come off on it's own.

The Sloane Bracelet ($79) and Nottingham Silver Cuff ($49) are  getting love from me as well. The cuff is part of the newest Fall collection . It's all  sleek cuff on top with a chain and toggle on the bottom for a little extra style. The Sloane mixes gold and hematite chains with a stone rimmed half orb at each end of the toggle.

The brand's selection is huge and necklace wise one is the Basel,  which has crystals all down the 18 inch  matte gold chain. It's something you could wear with everything as are most of the bracelets.

You can see more at www.luluavenue.com, shop online or find a consultant in your area.

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