Saturday, December 20, 2014

Chanel Tissé Paris Les 4 Ombres Eye Quad- Spring 2015

 Chanel Spring , yes Spring, arrives shortly. It's a lovely collection filled with deep pinks and corals .

 Tissé Paris Les 2 Ombres  is one of two new Eye Quads in Reverie Parisienne.

Chanel labels the shades Soft Rosewood, Delicate Ivory, Intense Rosewood and Intense Slate Grey.  They are all pretty if not the easiest to wear. Soft and Intense Rosewood are the hardest to work with.

Soft Rosewood leans pink, and is very pale while Intense has a bit of red in there. With my red hair and pale complexion I can make them work but it's still a tough sell. The Slate Grey on the other hand is beautiful and has a hint of taupe to it while the Ivory shimmers with gold.

Chanel Spring 2015 is online now

Tissé Paris Les 4 Ombres is $ 68

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