Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cookie Lee Jewelry

** There has been a name change in 2015- it's now Vivi , at

Looking for some new arm candy ( and aren't we always? ) or something sparkly for a gift? Jewelry line Cookie Lee has you covered .

Cookie Lee is a home party line that has recently gone to online sales as well, so you can buy from your home, no party required.  And while the line is beautiful and I've come away really impressed, it's most likely a  brand your giftee may not have heard of .Time to change that.

All of the pieces  I have are well crafted and heavy while looking very rich and come in at $34 each.

The Pretty Tough Bracelet is a style I love, large oval links. Each link is  burnished metal with crystals and a toggle clasp .  It goes with tees and jeans to an LBD  and is 7 1/2 -8 " adjustable with the ovals 1".

High Style Pearl Cuff is the New Year's Eve party look.  It's a large piece with a hinge opening. The  pearl and crystal trim make this a showstopper  and I love that it has a bit of an '80s vibe. The width at the crystals is just under 3/4 " .

Luxurious Two Tone Toggle has a lot going on. Two metal colors, chains , a  crystal trimmed center piece and scroll detail on the sides. It's adjustable from 7 1/2 - 8 " and is 1" wide at center.

I'll be wearing my new jewelry all season long and then some, plus sharing with The Mom as she loves it too.

Cookie Lee has a huge line across many styles, hit to see more and shop.

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