Monday, October 26, 2015

Kushyfoot Fall /Winter 2015

One of my favorite products is back for the cold weather season.

Kushyfoot Fleece lined tights and trouser socks are IT when it gets really cold. These are so soft , cozy and warm. They go well with your boots or shoes and the trouser socks come almost to the knee to keep your legs warm and block the wind  . ( See more pics  here )

Also available of course are their great cool max blend thin crew socks and knee hi's along with textured tights like the wide ribbed ones shown.

All come with the trademark massaging sole which really works.

You can pick them up at drugstores like Rite Aid where there is often a BOGO and also at

Fleece lined tights are $8.99 and Fleece lined trouser socks are $ 5.99

Patterned tights are $ 7.49

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