Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cover Girl Oh Sugar Lip Balms

Can you use another tinted lip balm? I know I always can. I love them and stock them up all season, all year really.

Cover Girl debuted their Oh Sugar balms earlier this year and they are great for some Spring color. 

gumdrop, spice,soda,cupcale
These balms have good pigment and are darker than the outer tube color would have you think. The moisture is light but decent. I don't know that they would hold up against wind chills but for chilly ( or not) days they make the cut. 

The color lasts awhile fully then you are left with a bit of a stain especially with the deeper shades. I did find they settled into lip lines a bit more than I expected but a little smoothing helps that.

These do have a somewhat strong scent. It's fruity but a little plastic too. I'm fine with it , but if you are fragrance averse you may not love it.

Overall these are a fun addition to the lip wardrobe .

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