Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Softsoap Luminous Oils Body Wash

Have you tried the new Softsoap's new Luminous Oils body washes?  These luxurious feeling washes smell great and keep skin moisturized.

There are two varieties -Avocado Oil & Iris and Macadamia Oil & Peony. Both have light scents with avocado & iris being floral and green while macadamia has a more gourmand feel.

Both hydrate really well but rinse clean .You will feel like moisture has been left on your skin.  Each version has a small amount of it's oil along with the floral extract.  I've been liking the avocado & iris , iris isn't a common note in body products plus the these really moisturize.

Softsoap Luminous Oils Body Wash are sugg. retail $2.97

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