Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2016

Eternity Summer returns for another season. I have a couple versions of this from  years past and while they aren't groundbreaking fragrances I like them  and always return to wearing them. Years 2011 and 2014 especially.

This year 's fragrance is very tropical and flower loaded, with fruits but not ones that are overly sweet.  There are lush white florals throughout along with a dewy green feel at times . It never goes too musky or too sweet which in my book is a good thing. I can detect a little of the tuberose and frangipani, two notes I love . Even by the drydown it's still quite floral .

Eternity Summer 2016 is a breezy, light floral that should work well in the heat. It's casual but not too , wearable for both day and evening.

Full note list:

Top: Palm Tree Accord, Pear Blossom, Bergamot
Mid: Frangipani, Jasmine, Tuberose Mist
Dry: Musks, Vanilla, Blonde Woods

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer is $ 66 for 3.4 oz and available at Macys.

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