Thursday, May 15, 2014

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2014

Eternity Summer  is back for the season. Each year there is a new release ,  a different version. I tend to really like these Summer scents . Last year's was  not a huge favorite but the mimosa rich version of 2011 is one I still use. I find them to be easily wearable and simply pretty , and the 2014 EDP is just that.

Eternity Summer  starts off with  green shoots (  bamboo), light citrus (  mandarin ) and  juicy hints of the  watermelon and pear notes but  it's not a strong melon . The fragrance  stays light and soft , and I can smell the lovely peony note  along with a little gardenia well into the drydown where the barely there musk and woods come in.

Overall Eternity Summer is a sheer floral scent that floats along on your skin. It feels like a perfume that will work well in the heat , giving you just enough fragrance.

Full note list:

  • top:         pear, mandarin, watermelon, bamboo leaves
  • mid:        peony, water lily, gardenia, neroli
  • dry:         soft musk, white woods
Calvin Klein Eternity Summer is $ 64 for 100ml EDP and is available at Macy's.

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