Thursday, May 29, 2014

Scunci Has A New Scrunchie

Scrunchie's are having a return moment of sorts, have you  heard ? They actually went down some of the Fall '14 runways.  I just don't know about that .   I wore them occasionally like most people in the early- mid 90s.  I had some really nice ones and they only went on a ponytail. No pouffy hair with a scrunchie  look.

Now scrunchies are back and Scunci has designed a new look scrunchie . This new look is more streamlined and modern. It doesn't look too much like those old ones.  This new one wraps two to three times around hair, comes in a thin , stretchy fabric that is easy  on hair  and looks pretty unassuming minus the pop of color  if you go for the blue etc.

These scrunchies are pretty easy basics for Summer and I think I'll get some use of out of them. So what about you? Are you up for new scrunchies ?

Prices are between $3.49-3.99 for pack of two .

Also new are 3X Stronger Braided Hair Elastic Hair Ties.  I have them in black but there is a multi color pack as well. They have plenty of stretch and have just a bit more "look" than a basic elastic. They would also , naturally, make a great accompaniment to a braid.  Packs have 6 each.

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