Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MAC Submerged & Neptune Nail Polish- Alluring Aquatic

There are three nail polishes in MAC's Summer Alluring Aquatic colletion. I've got two here, the third is Shimmerfish, a sparkling aluminum per MAC.

The star shade I think is Submerged.  I usually don't go for deep blues too often  but I am loving this and to me it's seems  a little different than what I've seen. I don't get as deep into nail colors as some do, but this doesn't look like every other blue/teal . It's a chrome and seems to flash a little duochrome at that.

If I hadn't just got a pedi this would be going on my toes right away.

Neptune is a rich , deep gold.  If you need a great molton gold polish this is one to try.

The coverage of both of these is good, two coats. The bottle lids have the  raised water droplets of all the Alluring Aquatic packaging.

MAC Submerged and Neptune Nail Polish will be available online May 14th and in stores May 22.

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