Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vaseline New Intensive Care Aloe Soothe & Cocoa Radiant

The name Vaseline Intensive Care is familiar to all, but now it's new as well. Vaseline is releasing a new range of lotions  that help to deeply moisturize with a blend of humectants and "micro droplets" of Vaseline Jelly .

You'll find this new formula in five varieties including Aloe Soothe and Cocoa Radiant .

The Aloe line  in general is a Summer fav of mine . I love their Aloe Fresh Gel and then they added the spray. This new formula is creamy with a light aloe scent and feels moisturizing.. The aloe ingredient is aloe powder, so perhaps not too much of it is in there but it's still a nice, fresh feeling lotion.

Also new is Cocoa Radiant. This has has that lovely cocoa butter scent that can double as light fragrance.  It is is said to be clinically proven to heal dry skin in 5 days but is not an overly heavy or sticky heavy lotion.

Both have , according to Vaseline,  a special blend of glycerin  along with the micro droplets for  hydration.

New Vaseline Intensive Care  comes in Advanced Repair, Advanced Repair Fragrance Free, Essential Healing, Aloe Soothe and Cocoa Radiant.

Retail is $ 4.99 for 10 oz, 7.99 for 20. 3 oz and 8.49 for 32 oz.

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