Thursday, August 4, 2016

Chanel Rouge Profond Blush- Fall 2016

Chanel Fall Le Rouge Collection #1 is the first under new creative director Lucia Pica and she's created a collection all about red.

The new blush is Rouge Profond. I love a red blush and the first one I ever had was also a Chanel a long time ago. Late '80s I think. I bet if I dug real hard in the closet it's still around .  This new shade is a wearable red for most skintones I think. I am fair but not super pale and I have a little bit of Summer color so it looks good when used with a light hand. Like most Chanel blushes it blends easily.

If you are porcelain fair you it might be too much for you, but it might not. If you like it try it. On deeper skintones it should look fabulous .

The shade is a matte brick red although it has a the tiniest bit of pearl and that gives it dimension . It's incredibly pretty and very much a wakeup makeup color.

Chanel Rouge Profond Blush is available now for $ 45

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