Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Secret Outlast Extend

With the temperatures hitting the high '90s and beyond across most of the country this Summer, Secret's new-ish deo has been a daily go to.

Outlast Extend is said to give you continuous 48-hour odor protection and while I haven't tried going 48 hours , it sure works over the course of a full day and evening. Better than I expected,  keeping me and my clothes smelling fresh and I hate to admit but I can sweat.  I really didn't think it would work anywhere near as well as their Clinical but it has.  

It comes in  Invisible Solid ( what I have )  and Clear Gel. Both dry fast and need just one to two swipes for full protection.  There are six scents including  new Clean Lavender.  

Secret Outlast Extend is sugg. retail  $4.29

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