Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ferragamo Tuscan Scent Leather Rose

Rose lends itself well to deeper scents and Ferragamo's new Tuscan Scent Leather Rose harnesses that.

Using both centafolia and Bulgarian rose absolutes, Leather Rose begins a rich spicy rose,  a little smoky  but also slightly sharp. That sharpness leaves thankfully once the the mid point comes in and  the leather becomes more prominent while Cardamom gives spiciness and warmth. The fragrance feels very dry here and leans masculine  but further into the drydown the rose comes  back . It has softness but this is not  a sweet, old fashioned rose. It's got edge . The full drydown is a dusty rose with  medium sillage and strength  .

This is a great cooler weather fragrance , perfect with a leather jacket, jeans  and your favorite pair of statement boots. It's smells rich but not too precious.

Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Scent Leather Rose is $ 250 at Saks.

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