Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Petit Matin & Grand Soir

Francis Kurkdjian, my favorite parfumeur, has  you covered for both day and night with his Maison's newest  Petit Matin and Grand Soir, inspired by mornings and evenings in Paris.

Petit Matin bursts on like  morning sun with citrus in both lemon and the green of the shrub litsea cubeba followed by the creamy white floral of orange blossom.  The lemon brightens while lavender provides a touch of dryness and hawthorn adds  sweetness. Musk is listed as a drydown note but it is spare here with ambroxan more in the foreground , and the lovely  orange blossom still going strong. This is light yes, but not barely there. It's crisp ,bright and has concentration with moderate sillage. As a citrus lover as well as  most white florals , it's type of scent I reach for often. Great not just to start the day but all through the day.

Grand Soir is  rich, deep and not sweet or musky. It's a bit old fashioned, and reminds of some of my favorites I wore decades ago with serious spicy oriental oomph but done modern. It's for a grown up woman with the smokiness coming from ciste labdanum giving it an oudh like feel.  Warm notes of benzoin, tonka, and vanilla add to the fragrance for a rich, exotic smelling scent . This is a beautiful fragrance that has strength, good sillage , transports and smells delicious.

Enjoy a  video trip through Paris with Mr. Kurkdjian  and his inspirations-

Full note list:

Petit Matin:
Litsea cubeba
Lemon from Calabria
Lavandin from Provence
Orange blossom
Hawthorn accord

Grand Soir:

Cistus Labdanum from Spain
Benzoin from Siam
Tonka bean from Brazil
Vanilla and amber accord

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