Tuesday, November 8, 2016

MAC Strobe Cream- Peachlite &Goldlite

MAC Strobe Cream has always been a makeup artist staple and a makeup fan favorite too. I've had a tube forever. Now with the popularity of highlighting growin ,they've released some shade extenstions.

Two of those new shades are Peachlite and Goldlite. MAC's Strobe Creams are not in your face glitter charged highlighters. These create a soft glow with light iridescence.  The cream has a light feel on skin and is easily blended. It can be used alone, under/over makeup  or mixed into foundation or moisturizer.

Peachlite goes on with a touch of warm peach tint , again very light in pigment, just enough to warm your skin up a bit. Goldlite gives skin a light golden touch. Both do a  great job of brightening  and highlighting. This can be used on body too of course. Decollete , legs .

MAC Strobe Cream also comes in the original now called Pinklite, Silverlite and Redlite.

MAC Strobe Cream is $33 and online now. In stores Nov.10 in the permanent line.

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