Tuesday, December 27, 2016

MAC Shadescents & Lipcolors

 How about a coordinating fragrance and lipstick set?

MAC's new Shadescents fragrances are inspired by their lipcolor namesakes and the line includes those lip shades in coordinating, color matched packaging.

Honey makes up Velvet Teddy with the note being very strong here , if you love the smell of pure, straight up honey with just a hint of musk and spice this is for you.

Candy Yum Yum has cherry, tropical fruits, vanilla  and a bit of cotton candy sweetness  while Creme De Nude is more of a skinscent with amber, white musks and very light vanilla.

All come in the familar bottle that MAC Hue fragrances were in.

Each of the lipcolors and fragrances are sold separately btw.

MAC Shadescents are $ 57
MAC Lipstick is $ 17

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