Tuesday, January 24, 2017

MAC Scrubtious

Have you checked out MAC's new Scrubtious yet?

This little pot of deliciousness is the brand's new lip scrub and it is as the names suggests, scrumptious. If you loved their Tendertones from years back, these are very reminiscent of those but with scrub particles added.

You get a slight tint of color , I have Candied Nectar here,  with a lot of moisture,  just a small amount of scrub particles and slight shine. This is not gritty at all but has just enough in there to smooth lips . It also has a great fruity scent and taste . Candied Nectar has just a slight peach tint with a peach/ strawberry sort of flavor.

The exfoliating  is sugar based and shea butter and grape seed oil add the moisture .  For Winter ,  it's pretty perfect.

MAC Scrubtious comes in five flavors , is $ 16  and permanent.

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