Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cargo Cosmetics Swimmable Waterproof Mascara Top Coat

One of the hardest things with my makeup , is how fast it melts, smudges or wears off on me. With mascara I never get the lash look I really want because there are  only  truly a few  mascaras that actually stay on my eyes all day. Even most waterproof versions run or smudge within a few hours.

So when this new  waterproofing top coat came from Cargo , I was game to try it. I had at least 2 new giant lash mascara formulas I hadn't been able to wear that were perfect for testing.  

It worked.  I will admit I was surprised. I can smudge anything you put near my eyes.  At about 3 PM I did have a small amount of run, barely anything but it was a little. I quick tissue wipe took care of that and the rest of the night it was fine.  It also didn't run down when in the shower but lightly wore off and I still needed some eye makeup remover to get all my mascara off.

This top coat is a clear, lightweight and sort of gel like .  Once you apply regular mascara, wait until it's almost dry, then apply the  top coat and let set for a few seconds. I went over my lashes twice with the top coat, I wasn't taking any chances on raccoon eyes.

It doesn't seem to affect  mascara much.  Lashes don't feel drier or tacky nor does it add weight or pull at them. It did make a couple lashes stick together a bit but I did use two coats and that could be why.

You can also touch up with this midday if needed.

Cargo has made a name with their  Swimmables waterproof , wear in the pool, beach etc products and this is a great addition to the line.

Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Waterproof Mascara Top Coat is $ 22 and is available this Spring at Kohls,  and Ulta.

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