Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Caress Hypnotic Aura

Caress has revamped the look of their bottle and I like it. These look a bit more posh , shall we say?

Along with the new look, which by the way they say will reduce the amount of plastic used per bottle by 10%,   comes a new fragrance- Hypnotic Aura.

The striking  turquoise color of the gel along with the gold trim gives it a very nice look  and the fragrance is a blend of tuberose and patchouli with amber  and sandalwood  noticeable too.  The fragrance is heavier on the patchouli than the florals and if you were categorizing  it, it would be an oriental.

It is a stronger scent than many body washes I've tried  but it's also meant to be a longer lasting one.  The scent is developed by Firmenich master perfumers Gil Clavien and Harry Frémont.  Firmenich also creates many perfumes you see in the stores as well.

Caress  Body Wash is $ 3.97

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