Monday, March 20, 2017

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair

Schwarzkopfs' entry into mass market was the Essence Ultime line exclusive to Wal Mart. It's Omega Repair has been a favorite since . It's as good as many high end products I love.

Now the brand brings Gliss Hair Repair into more mass market stores . This new line has five haircare duos along with several leave in options  to get your hair in great shape.

I went with Ultra Moisture shampoo and conditioner.  This gives great hydration  as well as having liquid keratin ( all the various combos do) for strengthening.

The duo worked really well although I would have liked a little bit more moisture from the conditioner.  It's a thin formula that is  good but slightly lighter than those I normally use. I do need a leave in though, no matter what I use, so I just amped that up a bit.   Hair gets soft, conditioned but isn't super weighed down.

Two favorites in this line are the Gliss Oil Nutritive Weightless Spray Oil and Ultra Moisture Anti Breakage Treatment. Here again, are products very similar to higher end ones.  I always need a touch of oil on my driest ends and I hate using  one that I have to pour or pump out. The spray with 8 oils and keratin makes it so much easier to apply and less mess. It  gets the job done with a light oil mist that's just enough to smooth and add a little extra moisture to certain areas.

Ultra Moisture Anti Breakage Treatment is a tub full of deep conditioning that the brand says cane reduce breakage by up to 95%. It gets hair very soft, very condfitioned while keeping it smooth but full.

The line is listed as color safe but the shampoo does have sodium laureth sulfate.

ALL products in the Schwarzkopf Gliss line retail for $ 4.99 each at Target.

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