Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Bottega Veneta The Knot Eau Absolue

Bottega Veneta's The Knot  Eau Florale has become a favorite of mine for every day wear . It's light, subtle but is interesting , it's not a basic floral or fresh scent. To a lesser degree I also liked the original The Knot with it's skinscent of lavender and cedar.

New is The Knot Eau Absolu, a richer, intense version , although version might be a misnomer, it is not very similar to The Knot or Eau Florale.   Absolue is big right off the first spritz, I described on Instagram as smoky and smouldering.

There's jasmine but it tends to be buried by the other notes; lavender like the original , myrrh , opopanax and woods. It's not sweet , not very floral but oriental, spicy and as mentioned smoky.

This a strong  fragrance and has a  bit of a unisex vibe going.  This is not my favorite type of scent , but that's my personal taste.  It is well crafted and I love the bold and bigness of it. Much better than another fresh, clean soapy scent (even if they do have their place). Grab fragrance by the horns, or, the atomizer.

And  I love that big metal knot on the bottle. It makes a great statement and look.

Bottega Veneta The Knot Eau Absolue is $ 125 ( 50 ml) and $ 160 ( 75ml) at Bottega VenetaNordstrom , Saks

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