Monday, March 5, 2018

Dolce Garden by Dolce & Gabbana EDP

There's a new Dolce in town.  Dolce Garden comes in the familiar and oh so pretty flower petal topped bottle , this time in peachey pink.

Dolce Garden is mostly a gourmand touched with woods.  A sharp burst of mandarin is first and then there is lots of coconut dashed with magnolia and neroli.   Almond milk , vanilla and sandalwood are all prominent into the drydown.  Frangipani is listed as a main inspiration here but I only get the smallest  whiff of it.

The florals take a backseat to the other notes.  It's very creamy, somewhat sweet and reminds  a bit of an amaretto cake.

Dolce Garden is strong at first, but settles into medium sillage after the drydown. Still noticeable , you'll  not want to go heavy on the spritzes with this, but less so than at the beginning.

Dolce Garden is currently excl. to Macys and is $ 29 for .25 oz rollerball, $ 118 for 2.5 oz, $ 76 for 1oz  and $ 94 for  1.6 oz EDP

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