Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Maybelline Shine Compulsion Color Sensational Lipstick

New Shine Compulsion Color Sensational from Maybelline is the brand's first oil in lipstick.

These creamy, shiny lovelies  look and feel high end with a hydrating , full coverage formula .I have two of the ten shades - Pink Fetish & Undressed Pink ( the lighter of the two).

Shine Compulsion is old school lipstick in the sense of coverage and lots of look, but modern with the slick sheen and  moisture. Look at the shine in my swatch picture, it's practically reflective. They come in an on trend rose gold case.

These feel great on, balm like , lightweight and non sticky.  And while they are a Summer release ,will be so nice when the temps drop and the wind begins to blow.  They also wear pretty well. I half a day before needing a touch up and that's with  drinking.

Maybelline Shine Compulsion Color Sensational  Lipstick is available wherever the brand is sold.

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tiggsmom1 said...

these look wonderful! Guess I will have to give some a try! I like how much color they have but look soft and shiny.