Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Olfactory NYC Custom Fragrance

I recently was offered the chance to create my own fragrance from  Olfactory NYC. 

Olfactory NYC is a new concept brand that allows you to have a semi custom scent blended for you by picking from one of their numerous core fragrances and adding an accord scent . All of their base or core fragrances have been created by top perfumers including Frank Voelkl and Honorine Blanc , the nose behind my choice- Taylor.

Taylor is comprised of two jasmines - sambac and absolute. I added the smoky mate tea and lemon accord. The result is a soft, airy jasmine with bright not sharp lemon and wafts of the tea note here and there for depth. It's very sunny and lifting but light , wearing close to the skin.  That just allows for more liberal spritzing . It's very Spring in a bottle. 

I admit I played it safe with my blend but I couldn't resist a creamy jasmine, lemon and tea mix and it is lovely if not overly unique . There were many other combos that appealed to me and it took me awhile to make my choices . 

Olfactory NYC has a NYC studio you can hit up in person or do as I did and go online. It's a pretty straightforward ,fun process. A discovery Tinkerers Box   or Explorer Box is also available , you can play with blends then order your creation.  

A custom scent is $ 75 for a 1.7 oz bottle and the Tinkerers or Explorer Boxes are $18 and include a discount code. 

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