Monday, May 27, 2019

Guerlain Terracotta Contour & Glow Palette

Guerlain's Summer launches are ones I look forward to . Their Terracotta line is always stunning  and this year is no exception.

The Terracotta Contour and Glow Palette has three, well actually, four colors to get your Summer look on lock.

There is a deeper contouring shade , a medium bronzing tan shade ( both matte) and a blush/highlighter duo in a coral pink and pearl ( both iridescent) .

All are finely milled , lightweight feeling and offer light bronzing.  When you dust your brush across these and onto skin you won't get a dark brown streak  , but a wash of color that can be built up. They have warmth to them especially the middle bronzer shade.

The blush /highlighter is sheer and the coral shade just makes it as blush on my pale skin . Anyone darker would probably use it as a highlighter shade as well. It's beautiful though and gives a sunny boost of color.

I need to talk the packaging here too, the case is vintage metal chic looking with an art deco inspired sunburst design . Very treat yourself worthy .

I'm having trouble sourcing availability for this , Nordstrom and Bergdorf's has the other Terracotta launches but not this, it listed on Guerlain International page so best to look there to see if  it's near you.

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