Monday, January 29, 2007

Care by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney's new skincare is available on It's called Care, and is an eco friendly, organic skincare line. The line even carries it's own ethical charter. Now if only we could more people and organizations to do that.

Here's a quote from Stella on the line :

" Care is formulated with 100 percent organic active ingredients and zero percent petrochemicals and silicones. Officially Ecocert-certified as organic and ecological, the gentle formulas are completely free from chemical preservatives and are protected by simple airless packaging, when required. The fragrance is also made from 100 percent organic essential oils, so your skin can really benefit from nature's resources to help ease the stress that everyday life brings. "

This is a luxury skincare line and priced accordingly. Cleansers are 35.00, treatment products begin at 64.00 There is a nice welcome set to try also. The packaging is a simple, off -white, and leans minimalist.

I look forward to sampling the line. The more natural something is the better, I think, and I have no doubt that much work was put into making this line top notch. ( Now if we could only get Stella to smile more in photos)

If anyone has tried it or has any insights, let me know

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