Friday, January 26, 2007

Winter Beauty and Care Part 2

In the colder months , many of us slather on lotion to help keep skin moist and lose the dry, itchy feeling. I think we all know that some lotions are better than others, and this is one of the best.

It's from a company called Shikai, and is a natural product with some organic ingredients plus no parabens, no animal products or testing. The ingredient list is a short one, which is a good.

The secret to this lotion doing a better job than most at really helping dry winter skin is borage oil. Apparantly borage oil is able to get past the surface layer of the skin, unlike most other lotion products.

Here's what the company's website has to say :

"Borage oil, extracted from the seeds of the borage plant, is a natural source of gamma- Linolenic Acid (GLA), an important OMEGA-6 fatty acid which the body uses in making skin cells. Without sufficient GLA, cell membranes can't retain enough moisture and skin becomes dry and rough.
Ordinary moisturizers work only on the skin's surface. But borage oil penetrates deeper and delivers GLA and its benefits to the cells. As a result, skin cells retain more moisture."

I can personally attest to this working when the winter wind blew it's coldest. It is also good for anyone suffering with skin problems year -round.

The sugg. retail is 13.50 per 8 oz. bottle, but better deals can be found. The product is available at, as well as Vitamin Shoppe stores, and Whole Foods markets. Also check your local natural health store.

A facial care range has also recently been added.
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