Sunday, January 21, 2007

Winter Beauty and Care

It's snowing here, something it rarely does. It looks lovely. Winter finally arrived in this neck of the woods . The temps dipped into the low 30s with colder windchills.
One of the most pressing winter beauty issues is chapped lips . I am a confessed lip balm fanatic and have put many to the test. Most have a place on the shelf and despite having a large collection, I do use almost all of them. There is one major standout however, the one that works in even the most difficult of times- pure shea butter.

My personal favorite was Fresh's Chocolate Orange one, but that is harder to get now.
L'Occitane is now the go to shea. When fighting and suffering from a wicked cold/flu earlier this month, my little tin of shea kept the lips and nose from cracking. I slathered it on several times a day. It worked. It also works better than anything for severe chapped lips and the part of the eye that tends to get very dry in this windy cold. It is also pure, with no additives.
A small tin goes for 8.00 and will last eons. Use it also on hands, knuckles, etc. It's truly all purpose.
L'Occittane has also just released a shea eye balm. I have yet to try this, but will just as soon as I can get my little hands on one. Yum.
Other lip balm lovelies include the tinted Savannah Bee ones from Bath and Body Works. Medium moisture, with great color. Tinted lip balms are always on my radar and I like these even better than MAC ones. They have been on sale for 2.00.

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Anonymous said...

Although not it's not a lip balm, Lancome's Juicy Tubes are my fav for protecting and moisturizing my lips. I have no clue what the ingredients are, but I doubt shea is one of them. Fortunately, I've not had chapped lips in ages, so I have no clue if Juicy Tubes have any healing properties. If not, I will pick up one of the products you recommend!

the movie mommy said...

what about chapped lips on days you have to wear lipstick? Just go with the lip balm and no lipstick? Or is there something that can be put on as a base to cover the cracks before hand. Maybe the night before?