Monday, April 9, 2007

CB I Hate Perfume Reviews

I have been able to test 2 samples of CB I Hate Perfume, Wild Pansy and To See A Flower. These are my first experiences with this line apart from a quick sniff of some in NY.

CB I Hate Perfume is the fragrance line of Christopher Brosius. He creates these fragrances in his studio in Brooklyn. He is also the original founder of Demeter fragrances. Brosius has an uncanny way of creating a scent as unbelievably close to real as possible. His notes are spot on.

Wild Pansy is exactly what you would smell if you planted a pansy in your yard or planter, and immediately stuck your nose into it to take a sniff. It is dirt, green , and potted plant. It is outdoorsy but floral. As it dries down it becomes a softer skin scent and a quiet floral.

To See A Flower should perhaps be called To Smell A Flower. It is walking through the garden just after a light rain or as the dew has settled and began to dry as the sun hits. Cut flower fresh , and garden-like at the same time.

CB's website describes it : Delicate spring flowers (hyacinth, daffodils, jonquils & crocuses), green shoots, wet dirt & a bit of moss.

I would love these to last a bit longer on. They come in perfume accord that I tried, as well as perfume water. To See A Flower also comes in home spray.

The website lists many other unique scents as well as accords like crayon, ice cream cone and hay( and he quotes George Sand to boot).

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