Saturday, April 28, 2007

Penhaligons ( For Mother's Day or any other )

I received the Penhaligons catalog in the mail a few days ago. I have seen and bought from them at their Saks counter in NY, but had not seen the full range like shown in the catalog before. Penhaligons, is as they say, quintessentially English. Their line is wonderful, and wide ranging including not only the beautiful fragrances, but bath and candle products to match as well as sterling silver items and leather goods. The catalog itself is a beauty and worth looking through several times.It also details the history behind the company and calls the founder an alchemist. I like that.
It can be asked for via their website.

In the Mother's day gift mode, and for many other wonderful gifts, you would do very well giving something from them.

The sterling silver scent pendant at left ( it holds your favorite scent) is 125.00

Their rose fragrance Elizabethan Rose is a pretty, straightforward rose. If one like rose, they will love this. It, as many of the scents do, comes in perfume, soap, powder, body wash, and lotion.

Violetta is one of the loveliest violets, soft, and beautiful.

Lily of the Valley is totally Lily, very fresh . It is also the flower of May.

The list of scents goes on , Ellenesia is a standout, and for non floral look to Malabah. The prices for the ancillary bath products are prieced pretty well , and are packaged really nicely.

The line also has the most elegant candles. I can vouch for the wonderful fragrances, but I have not tried the candles, just admired them. The tops or conatainers are silver plated and they can be refilled.

The Heritage candle is 65.00

Items can be ordered via their US site, accessed above, or in the Saks flagship in NY, or their stores. ( PS Saks is having friends and family discount next week, 20% off, thats all I know on that one)

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