Sunday, April 22, 2007

Claus Porto from Lafco Candles

I had the good fortune to receive one of these Claus Porto from Lafco NY Candles in the Mimosa( Lysia) scent. Smelled in the jar it was a beautiful flowery mimosa, bright orange in color. Lovely. I am not always a fan of floral candles, but this was too pretty not to burn, and I had always heard great things about the Claus Porto Candles, but have never used one.

What a wonderful candle this turned out to be. The scent is fabulous, a bright mimosa that floats through much of the house. It has great throw and really strong scent. It's so pretty and really made for a cheery smell throughout.

The candles are soy blends, 10.5 oz. and created by Lafco NY ( a great store) for Claus Porto. the website states burning time at about 70 hours.

They retail for 32.00 each and come in many scents.
Mothers Day is approaching soon , and while a great treat for yourself, these also make great gifts.

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